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"We do what we do best, so that you can do what you do best."

Isotech, Inc. is a technology solutions provider for businesses with Information Technology (IT) and Voice / Data Communication needs.  For those businesses who do not employ and IT department of their own, or need professional supplementation to their existing services, Isotech, Inc. can provide the services that you are looking for.  If your company is trying to find a way to share information in your offices, visit Servers & Networking for Microsoft Exchange and Windows Server based solutions.  Does your company have multiple office across town?  The Voice & Data Communications area can help create a seamless look and feel to customers.

Isotech, Inc  is the parent company of Isotech Networks, providing local rural dial-up since June 2001, and KCCoyote, Inc. providing wireless broadband internet to the rural areas north of Kansas City, MO.  since September of 2005.
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