Broadband Services by KCCoyote, Inc.

KCCoyote, Inc.

Primary Internet
Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)

High-speed internet services reaching both residents and business.  A wide range of plans offered based on location and needs for service.  We can reach places that conventional service providers can't.  Line of site to one of our many towers is all that is needed.      

Backup Internet - FWA for backup to wired ISPs

"If you don't have this when you need it, it will be too late."

With the ever increasing demand for internet and the possibility of service disruption due to equipment failure and cut lines, be safe by having a backup wireless connection to your home or business.  Whether it be backup to fiber, backup to coax or any other wired solution, be prepared.

Flexible Broadband for
Contractors (FBC)

Contractors on job sites have internet needs that often are not easy to satisfy.  If you have a job site big or small, let us help you arrange to have wireless internet provisioned with area coverage for the entire job site.  Our services can remain in tact for the entire project without the challenge of disruption with construction ground work.  All we need is power.        

Multi Dwelling Unit Fiber (MDU)

Information coming soon!

Multi Tenant Unit Fiber (MTU) 

Information coming soon!

Video/TV Streaming Service (VTS) 

Information coming soon!

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