Computer Repair

Do you start your word processor and then go grab a cup of coffee in the morning?  Does working on your system feel like running in slow motion?  An upgrade may not be what you need.  Bring your system in for a basic inspection or cleanup.  We will run a basic analysis for a nominal fee while your system is in the shop (this fee is waived if we provide service for the problem).  A basic cleanup with Spy bot – Search & Destroy, Windows Defender, and Hijack This! Costs less than the Chain Store Technical Repair Centers.  Bring your system in for an analysis today.

Custom Gaming Rigs

Need a new fast gaming rig? We can help you find the right components you need to make a fast Gaming PC.

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Custom-built machines provide as much processor speed, memory, and hard drive space as you need

We can help you replace any of the components on your PC.