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Data Center Rack Space

Let us serve your data center needs. Fiber connectively to all of your mounted equipment needs.

  • Backup Generator
  • Dry Fire Suppression System
  • 24/7 SecuredAccess
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Off-site Data backup

Integrity of data retention is crucial to any succesful system that saves data for any duration of time. Having a reliable and redundant local storage is just the first step to achieve safe data storage. Let us help you arrange for a secure and reliable off-site backup to ensure that local loss of data is not catestrophic. We can help with any size needs, small business to large scale backup scenarios.

Voip Phone Services

Every business or oranization needs a reliable phone system to communicate to their audience. Old PBX systems are quickly fading and Voip based phone systems are the tried and true replacement when needing replaced. We can help identify your phone needs and get a system that easy to install and maintain as well as simple to expand as times change.

Video Surveillance Systems (VSS)

With the current state of the world, security and services related to it are more and more significant.  A crucial starting point is the use of security cameras to protect and monitor your important resources. We can help you find the right system to fit your needs and can include the following:

  • Cameras with NVR/DVR  
  • Monitoring Service
  • Offsite camera NVR/DVR backup
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Disaster Prevention and
Recovery Detection 

In this day and age, there are too many bad players that are out to get access to your personal information for nefarious reasons. Protection against such risks start with having proper Anitvirus and Malware tools to identify and remove attempts to steal or damage your electronic assets. Let us help you find a proper set of tools for either your personal or enerprise systems. We can even help identify if you have known vulnerabilities that can be addressed with configuration or software updates.

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