Computer Repair

Need a Fix?

We want to optimize your PC rig

Do you start your word processor and then go grab a cup of coffee in the morning?  Does working on your system feel like running in slow motion?  An upgrade may not be what you need.  Bring your system in for a basic inspection or cleanup.  We will run a basic analysis for a nominal fee while your system is in the shop (this fee is waived if we provide service for the problem).  A basic cleanup with Spy bot – Search & Destroy, Windows Defender, and Hijack This! Costs less than the Chain Store Technical Repair Centers.  Bring your system in for an analysis today.

Custom Gaming Rigs

Need a new fast gaming rig? We can help you find the right components you need to make a fast Gaming PC.

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Custom-built machines provide as much processor speed, memory, and hard drive space as you need

We can help you replace any of the components on your PC.

Current Pricing Computer and System Pricing
$30Basic Diagnosis of computer – Basic only (could include removal of battery)
$45Scanning for virus
$65Back up from old computer  and transfer to new computer (includes 20 min preference set up with customer)

*other services available call for quote